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ARRL RAC Section Send and log the abbreviations in the ARRL Contest Multipliers List. The following is a typical Sweepstakes contact CQing Station CQ Sweepstakes from W9JJ. Answering Station W1AW. CQer W1AW 123 A W9JJ 79 CT. Ans 43 M W1AW 31 CT. CQer Thanks, CQ Sweepstakes from W9JJ. Check out our NEW ARRL Contests Portal GO HERE. The NEW ARRL Contests Portal is now your one-stop shop for all of your ARRL contest interests Log Submission, Logs Received, Raw Scores, Searchable access to scores and Contest Records, Log Checking Reports, Online Certificates, Club Membership Eligibility lists, etc . From here you can access everything from the starting bell of a contest to … Contests – November CW Sweepstakes. 2021 2100Z, Nov 6 – 0259Z, Nov 8. Logs due 0259Z Nov 15. For stations in the United States and Canada including territories and possessions to exchange information with as many other US and Canadian stations as possible on 160, 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meter bands. Aug 21-22. 10 GHz and Up Contest. Aug 22. Rookie Roundup – RTTY. Attention Results articles for legacy contests have been recently added to the site. Use the link at the bottom of the left navigation menu to access these contests. Welcome to the ARRL Contests portal – your one-stop shop for all of your ARRL contest interests. For only the ARRL November Sweepstakes CW and SSB complete rules and the ARRL International DX Contest CW and SSB complete rules, please visit their individual rules pages. For all other ARRL contests, the following rules below apply. Precedence of Rules 1.1.Rules for individual contests or events, including Field Day, take precedence over all General Rules. Seeing an opportunity for profit, dozens of other companies some national, some regional or local have entered the group-coupon frenzy. The competition has had several consequences With more coupon vendors to choose from, merchants have more leverage negotiating deals on favorable terms. Familiarity has taken the bloom off the discount rose. Some customers, who have come to expect major discounts as a matter of course, pressure merchants to bend the rules in their favor by threatening bad online reviews. Permission Marketing isn t about the interruption part of the process. You re still going to figure out how to reach out and get their attention once. But once you ve got someone s attention especially that rare someone who s a qualified prospect , don t you dare let it go! Control parasitic debt by controlling its source instant gratification, a trait of the Sidewalk. The next time you feel compelled to buy some trinket at Macy s, ask yourself Will this be obsolete in six months and land in the garage with the rest of the junk? In four months, will this stupid tribal T-shirt be relegated to that dusty side of the closet reserved for painting smocks? Again, when you purchase the next greatest fashion fad without truly being able to afford it, you open the floodgates to parasitic debt that flows downstream to the Sidewalk. No, Big Roy said. It s too soon for all of that. Come in. Go on in the bathroom and wash up. September 11 attacks

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