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GROOMTECH VIP DISCOUNT One coupon per order. THANKS FOR BEING A GROOMTECH VIP GROOMTECH VIP DISCOUNT Good for $5 off on ANY Style Scissor-Your Choice. Applies to purchase over $39. Good for $1 off each New Clipper Blade with minimum order. Applies to blade purchase over $29. Title gtcouponspage 2 Tell your friends about GroomTech. Have them click on the Sign Up for Specials button and register their information on the GroomTech website. 3 When they place their on-line or phone order of $39 or more, excluding tax and shipping, have them enter or mention the promo code PETS . Print Coupons We did our homework in helping our daughter find the best grooming academy in Southern Cali and let me tell you SD Grooming Academy is It! They truly care for their students and are patient in assuring their students learn all the proper fundamentals of bathing and grooming. Groomtech Rechargeable Creative Blow Pen Kit Pink Now $46.25. Add to Cart. On Sale 50 OFF RRP $92.50. Jambo Pet Silly Corgi Butts Dog Toy. Now $3.99. Out Of Stock. On Sale 60 OFF RRP $9.99. Kissgrooming Grooming Table Mat 120cm x 60cm MasterGroom $75.00. Add to Cart. Miracle Care Ear Cleaner 4oz 118ml $14.90. FREE Shipping! – FREE Shipping! All your need is 1 An Australian Visa or Mastercard debit credit card 2 To be over 18 years of age 3 To live in Australia First, log in as administrator then follow one of these three methods to access Insights for a particular page see Figure 4-1 for the Insights Dashboard Overview page that appears In the left navigation, select the page you want to review in the Pages section . When that page opens, click Insights in the row of navigation above the cover photo. Type insights in the address bar of your browser. In the Page Insights section, click the thumbnail for the page that has the insights you want to see. Click the ellipsis button below your page s cover photo and choose View Insights from the pop-up menu that appears. If you have spent time on Pinterest, you might have noticed that some of the biggest brands on the site have created loads of pinboards each very specific in its contents. While flooding your profile with pins might seem counter-intuitive from the less is more school of thought, in fact, it could pay dividends. Here s why because people use Pinterest search a lot to find content or come across it via a web search , creating highly targeted boards gives your pins a better chance of being found and viewed. For example, a board called Wedding Inspiration is very general – there are thousands all named the same and the chances of yours being found if you are just starting off as, say, a wedding accessories vendor, are slim. However, a board called Pink Wedding Dresses 2014, although less likely to be searched for, has much less competition, and therefore gives it a better chance of being discovered in search results. So when you create your Pinterest boards, think unique, specific and niche, and target the content and keywords that you think your audience will be looking for. Introducing me at an Asian Advertising Congress in New Delhi the other day, the Vice-President and former Chief Justice of India said that I had mastered what Stephen Leacock called the art of arresting the human intelligence long enough to get money from it. 3. The more products offered, the less money there is to go around. If the President and the Congress are conscribed by popular sentiment, then they will always be captive. America must have leaders who are prepared to lead and know what is good for America and do it, even if they lose their reelection. A system of governance that does not allow them to do a quiet U-turn when they identify problems is malfunctioning. 21

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