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YOU WILL Win your very own tiny home built by Modern Tiny Living up to a $100,000 value, plus the taxes are covered! Fully customize the home of your dreams whether you want to add solar panels, a party deck on the roof, cozy sleeping lofts or a home office Downsize without downgrading Enjoy the highest quality c PCH has multiple dream home giveaways allowing you to win up to $1.25 million towards your dream home! Check out our sweepstakes and enter now for your chance to win. Enter. gwy. no. 17000. Completed gwy. no. 17000. Related Sweepstakes. $500,000.00 Toward Your Dream Home … HGTV Dream Home 2021 on Wheels 18 Photos. Traveling is easy in this spacious, amenity-filled motorhome complete with outdoor lounge set up, sleeping space for five, and a high-end kitchen for cooking home-made meals. Enter to win your own dream house in the St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway, with the chance to win a house, or other great prizes. Every ticket helps St. Jude kids. 2021 Dream Home Giveaway – St. Jude Children s Research Hospital HGTV Ultimate House Hunt 2021 Join HGTV on the Ultimate House Hunt. Tour amazing homes for sale in each of the 8 categories and vote for your favorites. After your vote, be sure to enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win $10,000! Sweepstakes ends August 4 at 5 00 pm ET. The benefits of Facebook Live abound. Here are some reasons to take your Facebook experience live Show a human side to a brand. Live streaming allows you to go talk, see you in action, or understand how something works in person. Interact with viewers. Because Facebook Live gives viewers the capability to comment or react, you re able to respond live to their questions, comments, or other interaction. Bring new ideas to life. Sometimes it s easier to illustrate or demonstrate a point with video than with words on a page. Facebook Live gives you an opportunity to make your actions speak louder than words. Reach more people than with written posts. As all brand page managers know, it can be a struggle to reach as many people as possible with a Facebook post. However, Facebook gives preference to live video, so more of your Facebook community sees video over your usual posts. Moreover, when more people see video posts, it gives a boost to future posts. Send a notification to everyone who likes your page. Unlike your regular posts, everyone who subscribes to your brand page receives notifications when you go live. This gives you the ability to reach as many fans as possible. Moreover, if your fans are enjoying the video, they can share it with friends and family, so you can reach even more people. Show events as they happen. If your company is doing something interesting or important, you can show those events in real time. This gives everyone an opportunity to feel as if they re there. Continue to provide the content. Your Facebook Live videos can stay on Facebook for as long as you want them to. Now anyone can see those videos any time they want. Moreover, if people search for a topic that you live streamed about, they can find your video, which might lead to new customers. Get Facebook preference. Marketers are always looking for ways to boost their Facebook posts, and Facebook s algorithm can make it difficult for people to see brand posts in their feeds. However, Facebook s algorithm gives preference to Facebook Live videos, so more people see the live stream than other non-boosted posts. Live stream in Facebook groups. You can use Facebook Live in private, closed, or public groups, allowing you to target a specific audience without making a public video. Use Facebook Live on event pages. If you have a Facebook event posted, you can live stream from that event page. Event streaming enables people who couldn t attend to see the action, and attendees can look back on the videos after the event. Broadcast in the moment. When you use Facebook Live you don t have to wait an hour for the video to render, there s nothing to upload, and you get to share the action live, as it happens. Eliminate the need for fancy equipment. Don t worry about purchasing expensive recording equipment. With Facebook Live you need only your smartphone. Target specific viewers. Facebook Live doesn t have to be a public live stream. You can target specific demographic and interest groups. Add a call to action. You can put information at the end of the video that encourages viewers to perform a particular action. For example, you can ask them to visit a sales page, donate to charity, or subscribe to your company newsletter. Seek out users of all levels. Facebook Live isn t only for developers or advanced users, nor is it only for people who run brand pages. Anyone who has a Facebook account can use Facebook Live. Showcase and educate. Facebook Live provides marketers with an opportunity to showcase products and services, or teach a how-to project, or offer other forms of education. Note If you pin a video from a page on your website on which the video is embedded rather than a address, for example , Pinterest will show the directly-playable YouTube video but the link and description associated with that pin will be the URL and page name on your site respectively, so this will definitely help with Pinterest and web search engine optimization. As well as videos, Pinterest also supports the embedding of Slideshare presentations. If you use the Share on Pinterest option underneath a slideshow on Slideshare, the content in question will appear on Pinterest with a small Play button on top of the pinned image. When this is clicked, the pin opens up on its own page and users can view the whole presentation directly on the site. Similar to video content, you might want to add the words slideshow or presentation into the pin description to make clear what s on offer. Beware of ventures which spend little or nothing today but might become major advertisers, if all goes well. Servicing such non-accounts can be expensive, and few of them make it. Yes, there are exceptions. I once made the mistake of turning down a small company which made office machinery, because I had never heard of it. The name was Xerox. Here I am, I said, smiling my salesman s smile. But then I noticed her eyebrow creep, reminding me that I was missing a tooth. I covered my face like I was coughing. And by we he means, of course, himself.

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