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PicPlum is a new photo-sharing startup which aims to make the curation, printing and mailing of physical photos easier than before. The service, founded by Paul Stamatiou and Akshay Dodeja, is … Employee discount program providing employee discounts, student discounts, member discounts, coupon codes and promo codes for online shopping at top retailers. PicPlum … AND FREE Same-Day Pickup with promo code 60MAGS at checkout. These 4 x4 magnets come with a molded black plastic frame with rounded corners. Plus, you can get up to 5 magnets at this fantastic price! 2. HL 2016-10-01 12 03 Picplum will then print high quality photos, put them in pretty packaging, and deliver them to any address in the world. Prints can be sent to as many people as you like for $0.50 print per … While PicPlum is more expensive than the likes of Shutterfly, its automation is a handy tool for anyone too busy to remember to send out photos on a regular basis. Authenticity There s a real person behind this post, too. You can tell because when one fan suggested Justin Bieber as his preferred seatmate, Amtrak replied with But where would Selena Gomez go? With one sentence, Amtrak reveals that its employees are our contemporaries, people just like us, with their fingers on the pop culture pulse, a sense of humor, and a real interest in their customers. Courtesy of Determining Content Goals 31 . https casestudies we- accept . The common thread is always the same I m waiting.

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