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shiny cottonee giveaway

giveaway I just got my shiny Cottonee today after 500 eggs! In celebration, I m going to give away my 10 0 extra Dream Ball Female Cottonees. They I just caught my first shiny w Cottonee, male, level 11 holding a Sun stone. He has a quiet nature, Prankster is his ability, and he has 4 perfect IVs, being HP, Attack, Speed, and Sp. Def. He was caught in a master ball. I d like someone to clone him for a giveaway. I ve been in this community for a while now, and recently got a shiny charm. Hey guys to celebrate finally getting my shiny cottonee i m going to be trading away my 5-6iv breedjects to all you lovely people you can send me Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts I ve got two things to giveaway for this. One is a Shiny Cottonee egg. Details here Cottonee 5iv missing sp. Atk Infiltrator No egg moves In a Dream Ball This will be in its egg so you can hatch it as your OT, it isnt the ideal ability but ability capsules aren t that difficult to come by. Second thing I ve got is a Shiny Tympole. Titanic Safari Ball Shiny Egg type themed Giveaway Timed Giveaway Happy1912 M 64 6 21 6 05PM LF Sun Moon Beast Ball Pokemon FT USUM Beast Ball Pokemon navi854 12 6 25 6 48PM Ft Level ball, Lure ball, love ball and heavy ball dj22douglas 6 6 23 10 55AM Shiny drednaw giveaway Flamingpearl 3 6 18 2 29PM FREE POKEMON DYNAMAX … Build a Brand, Not a Business Businesses survive. Brands thrive. A brand is the best defense to commoditization . When your business is in business just to make money and pay the bills for the month, you re playing checkers and being one-dimensional. People are loyal to brands and relationships, not corporations or businesses. The shame of the Amex story is that when faced with competition from cheaper cards with better benefits, American Express hasn t countered with more sophisticated Permission Marketing techniques. Instead they have been chewing away at the permission they were already granted. self-improvement Hold a friend referral contest where the winner is the first person to get 5 friends to follow you and mention the username of their referrer in the direct message. Aspirational messaging Proving just how out-of-reach a room like this would be to most people, this particular pantry lives in a thirty-thousand-square-foot stone mansion appropriately named the Stone Mansion located on the former Frick estate in New Jersey. But by sharing it on the Hot Kitchens board, Whole Foods is essentially saying, This is how our customers deserve to live. And that s a powerful message.

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