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smirnoff ice gameday ready sweepstakes

Smirnoff Ice Gameday Ready Sweepstakes. One Entry Expires October 31, 2015 Save post … Sozy Win The Kitchen of Your Dreams Sweepstakes My Saved Posts Subscribe via Email. Enter your email address to subscribe to Free Stuff Times Contests and receive notifications of new posts by email. Subscribe daily, weekly, or for each new post. Smirnoff Ice Tropical Storm. ONE 11.20Z BOTTLE SMIRNOFF ICE PINEAPPLE 0.5 OZ SMIRNOFF COCONUT . POUR SMIRNOFF ICE PINEAPPLE AND SMIRNOFF COCONUT IN TO A 12OZ ROCKS GLASS OVER ICE GARNISH WITH A SLICE OF PINEAPPLE . I ll be creating a custom Smirnoff Ice FANtail of my own and hosting a little home gating party to celebrate. Smirnoff Ice Game Day Sweepstakes 2 winners Ends Nov 30th. Enter this giveaway for a chance to win a 75 Flat Screen TV, and $1,500 in Gift cards. Eligibility US, 21 Entry Frequency One Entry. Click Here to Enter this Sweepstakes. Click here to Subscribe to Our Newsletter. Smirnoff ice game day sweepstakes. One Entry Expires November 30, 2017 … $1,000.00 gift card which may be used for game day essentials or otherwise, as winner wishes in his her sole discretion and a $500.00 gift card for sporting apparel paraphernalia. … actual prize package items awarded as part of Grand Prize may differ from prize … Smirnoff Red, White Berry is one of the summer s best drink dressed in the season s best colors to keep the Americana celebration going all summer long. New Smirnoff Red, White Berry Ice SMASH is available nationwide for a limited time at a suggested retail price of $1.49 per 16 oz can. For my Web service, the feature of upload pictures translated to Quit wasting time with client meetings at garages. Upload photos of your fleet and show your clients your product! The target leads feature translated to Target the clients you want-right down to the day, service, and vehicle type. Schedule vehicles translated to Maximize your fleet s road time and receive leads based on your vehicle availability! Each feature transcribed to a specific benefit that would compel my buyer to join. I didn t let them fill in the blanks I filled in the blanks for them. The driving force behind wealth under Get Rich Slow is time -time employed at the job and time invested in the markets. Your glorious tomorrow might arrive after 40 years, when you re living your last presidential administration and on your second hip replacement. Your glorious tomorrow might arrive when you re 73 years old and soaked in urine and strapped to a stinking bed because you ve lost your mind to Alzheimer s. Seriously, when does this Slowlane plan of retiring rich actually become real so you can enjoy your millions? To continue the permission exchange, their Web site features something they call My Job Agent, which allows you to search for jobs using job characteristics defined by you. Under accounting jobs, for example, you can choose titles ranging from assistant bookkeeper to CFO using the pull-down menu options. Then you choose which state you want to search in. You give them a yearly salary target, and you can even perform word searches for your specific needs. The search pulls up all matches for your criteria. The following tips help you host an awesome video interview Do your research. Know as much about your interview subject as possible so that when you re live on camera, you can get more personal, if needed. Don t get too personal. The last thing you want is to make the person with you feel uncomfortable. It leads to a bad interview, your viewers may also be uncomfortable, and you may have problems finding future interview subjects. If you re reading from notes, don t make it obvious. Place bullet points off camera where you can sneak a glance, but don t spend your interview time reading. It looks unprofessional. Be mindful of your uhms. Sometimes people don t notice their own little habits, but boy, do they show up on camera! It takes some practice, but do pay attention to throat clearings, uhms, and other habits that don t show well on camera. Make eye contact. If you re not looking at the person you re interviewing, look at the camera. Looking off to the side or down at your lap makes you look distracted and not really interested in what s going on around you. Talk into the camera. If you re talking to viewers, look at the camera so that they feel as if you re talking to them. Create your list of questions beforehand and share it with your interview subject. Always know what you re going to talk about ahead of time. Winging it sometimes leads to a lapse in the conversation and looks unprofessional. Also, if your interview subjects know what questions to expect, they can provide some good information, statistics, and other facts to help back up their point of view. Don t let your interview subject take control. If you re not careful, the person whom you re interviewing will take the lead and talk about only what she wants to talk about or start selling her latest book or blog post. After you lose control of an interview, it s hard to get back on the right track. Take the lead and keep the lead. Ask to expand upon one-word answers. Nothing turns off viewers more than a boring interview. You ll find most people enjoy talking about themselves or what they do. However, now and then, you ll come across someone who is shy or unpolished. They may even feel yes or no is an adequate response. It s up to the interviewer to bring out the best in the guests by asking open-ended questions and directing the conversation. FIGURE 5-6 The desktop version of the Facebook page for Hacienda Nicholas.

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